Warm wishes to all

It’s been a very strange year of many ups and downs and I apologise to everyone who follows me, likes my blog and enjoys reading my posts. I promise to make 2019 the year when I pen my poetry and get painting again. After one of our beloved Border collies died suddenly last year, the arrival of our Slate merle pup in early spring and Skye, our surviving blue merle having a Stroke, I wondered whether life would ever become calm again.

However, Storm is a year old now, pictured above, and has a lovely nature; she gets on really well with Skye and has helped Skye get over her Stroke by assisting with her physio!

We’ve had lovely holidays in North Norfolk walking along the Coastal path, across the salt marshes and on Holkham beach and I have enjoyed a few hours here and there to paint.

I hope you like my photos and my watercolour painting of the cheeky robin who visits my bird table every morning. I have designed a Christmas card, so he can be enjoyed by friends and family.

I wish you all a warm, peaceful and jolly Christmas and the best of luck for 2019!



13 thoughts on “Warm wishes to all

  1. Sorry to read of your loss LG, but so happy to read of your new Joy you have found in your new pup that is no longer a pup.. And good to read Skye is recovering well..
    Sending well wishes for the New Year, Loved your photos.
    Stay Blessed and remember LIFE is for living.. Enjoying… WP will always be here.. Love Sue xx

    • Thanks Sue. Storm’s a great, strong almost 13month year Old! Skye is a great healer herself. She is just amazing! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Jan 19. I bet you’re planning what to grow on your allottment and starting to think about seeds. The weather has been very mild! Children grow so fast! I remember your granddaughter, so tiny! Lolxxx

      • 🙂 Yes the seeds are all ordered and saved from plants and flowers last year. And true the years are going so fast and Our granddaughter now eight. So pleased Skye is healing and Storm has blended in so well ❤ Enjoy your New Year ❤

  2. Oh do I understand the devastation of loosing a Loved One, never mind a few at a time. I also understand the time involved it takes to bring back to health a Loved One who is not well. BIG (((HUGS)))!!!! I’m in the same position right now, having just lost one of our Beloved cats, Max, who was only 12 but cancer got him. His brothers and sisters are just now, 3 weeks later, beginning to show some semblance of stability and happiness again.
    May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your Robin is delightful! Keep on doing what makes your Heart at Peace and Happy. Putting back together a broken Heart is so not easy, this I know too. Peace to you. 💞💞💞

  3. Merry Christmas to you and love to your gorgeous doggies. All the best for 2019. I hope it’s alot calmer. xx

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