Inspired by Squash

I love growing squash, but this year, I reckon because of the drought, the harvest was disappointing. The squash were much smaller. However they have made a very good Still Life subject. I feel inspired by their textures, colours and those fabulous stripey designs. I actually like the dried slightly mouldy wizened stem!

My painting is work in progress, in oil on canvas gesso board. The oil is quite damp so I’ve got time to think about any changes I want to make.

The weather is warm here, the light fabulous for showcasing autumnal colours everywhere in nature. I’ll miss the swallows though!

I hope you’re having a good autumn.


6 thoughts on “Inspired by Squash

  1. Lovely work! An inviting subject matter, as are pumpkins, which I must get around to growing again! A good idea to use that complementary colour blue, to bring out those pretty orange hues. Enjoy your Autumn; it’s Spring over here in Australia. ~ all the best, Janette

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