Floral therapy

Luckily I took the above photo a couple of week’s ago before every plant got heat exhausted. We’ve had the builders at home trying to get work done before it gets very hot again, so in between walking the dogs and making cups of tea and coffee I sat quietly with the dogs in our cool kitchen sketching the flowers. I aimed to capture their energy and character when they were blooming in the border! I’ve momentarily forgotten their name! I used ink and Watercolour Derwent pencils. We had a few hours of calm, hardly noticing the workmen or the heat of the day.

7 thoughts on “Floral therapy

  1. Beautiful sketch LG.. And yes the Heat has been exhausting.. Hope the dust and building work soon finished.. We had a little rain for about half an hour last evening, it hardly dampened anything.. The gardens really crying out for rain now.. And we are watering our allotments for two hours every morning to keep things going. .. MUCH love and so pleased you cropped up in my reader this evening.. I have not been in here often.. xx

    • Hi Sue. Thanks so much and lovely to hear from you! We had only a few drops of rain last night which you can imagine did nothing to help our poor plants or wildlife. We have a poorly Wood pigeon who has had some sort of trauma, possibly concussion and bruising. The Wildlife rescue centre is overfilled with casualties of the extremely hot weather.
      I hope you are enjoying the summer apart from the weather. Much love and hugs to you too. Xxx

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