Painting in the style of Kandinsky

Don’t miss my post on my other site on yesterday’s Art workshop. Tea and gluten and dairy free vanilla cheesecake were included! A little treat!


Lingering in a woodland on a sultry spring day

Please click on the link to read my poem inspired by my recent ramble.

I hope you enjoy my post. The weather has been warm so we’ve been exploring our woodland pathways. As ever, I am inspired so much by my walkhs in the surrounding countryside whilst enjoying the company of my dogs; sometimes joined by my husband and friends.

Woodland serenity

Woodlands at this time of year are filled with lush plants such as pink campion, forget- me- nots, violets, celendine, garlic and bluebells of course. Yesterday a sweet breeze, gentle sunshine and pretty shadows made our walk so pleasurable as we ambled along the woodland path. There were brown, small, delicately patterned butterflies, camouflaged fluttering low to the woodland floor, the canopy was filled with uplifting birdsong. I like to walk slowly noticing everything I can, listening and enjoying the mingled aromas as well as joining the games my dogs like to play!