Garden of dreams

Autumnal leaves tumbling wishes in threes;

 Zinnias zooming high, catching sunbeams;

Glowing mountain ash berries: a magical tea;

Rest in the healing garden of dreams.


1 thought on “Garden of dreams

  1., the garden has and is still full of colour here too… And I have Cosmos in the home garden and the Begonias although some took a bashing with the wind.. I moved to a more sheltered spot in the garden as they are all in tubs.. and as I regular dead head them, they still look great..
    The Dahlias too full of colour in the allotments…
    Looks like being a better day tomorrow Sat, so off walking…
    Enjoy your weekend too LG.. and loved the photo’s And your poems are always so good..
    Take care my friend
    Sue xxxx ❤

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