Golden misty morn


Misty early morn,

Corn shingle showers

Bless the flowers;

A festival of summer colours,

Candy stripes, mulled wine fine

Carressing petals;

Apricot posies with sanguine stamens!

Cream puffy ruffles, delicious as truffles!

Rosy pink lips that bumble bees kiss.

Whispy wandering webs where tiny feet

Tread tip toed to and fro 

Collecting magical scented dew.

Far and wide wood pigeons sigh,

Long-tailed tits flit about finding tasty bits.

Fallen apples ripe and tangy lie

Beneath dangly, tangled bramble boughs.

Hollyhocks and poppyheads rustle

Amongst the bustling of late summer.

12 thoughts on “Golden misty morn

  1. A beautiful poetic celebration of the late summer flowers where you bring all the senses into play. I love the accompanying photos with their vibrant colours. Delightful post to share with us. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Sue. The garden is still looking really beautiful, although after last night’s strong winds I will be out staking my gladioli and cutting fallen blooms. Is your garden and allotment alright? πŸ™‚ xxx

      • Yes the winds did some damage to all my pots of begonias on the front, blowing some over and snapping many blooms from long stems.. Never mind they have been beautiful while they lasted..
        I hope you did not get wet while out, as it has rained very hard in sharp showers here today xx

        • I was okay thank you Sue. I rescued several blooms and still enjoy them even though there are petals falling and leaves looking ragged. The courgettes are well over, the toms nearly finished but I’ve taken plenty cuttings and seeds for next spring. Soon the beautiful colours of autumn will be with us. Xxx

          • Yes the courgettes here too now dug up, but we have the butternut squash to look forward to.. and plenty of Rainbow chard and some carrots, parsnips, spouts and more cauliflowers and broccoli were planted too.. So lots to eat still πŸ™‚
            And good that you have been taking seeds and cuttings.. The best thing to do.. πŸ™‚ I took Hollyhock seeds for next season, and have grown some from seed and planted for flowering next year.. And now the autumn nip is with us.. πŸ™‚

            • You’re ready for winter Sue. All stocked up! I’ve taken a few cuttings now and planted garlic and early potatoes, which should be ready for christmas. The afternoons have been glorious here this week and the garden is enjoying showing off its colourful flowers. The butternut squash are still growing well. Lots of spiders busy weaving their webs. I have to try to work around them! Have a lovely weekend. Lolxxx

              • Wonderful sounds like everything is under control in your garden LG.. Its been very misty most days and the sun breaking through late afternoon around 2 or 3pm.. Not so today though we had rain.. πŸ˜€ take care and you too enjoy your weekend xxx

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