Amazing alliums

Amazing alliums,

Purple blazing pom poms

Like a summer Starry sky.

Gazing at the trailing constellation,

Warmed by satiated petal faces.

These gorgeous alliums are enjoying their performance in our newest border;  an explosion of deep magenta, so structural and yet delicate and elegant. 

8 thoughts on “Amazing alliums

    • Hi Sue. Thank you! May is abundant with beautiful blooks and blossoms. I have seen the most voluptuous of peonies in gorgeous colours. The hedgerows of course are beautiful, full of delicate wild carrot, cow parsley, campions and buttercups. I hope you are enjoying your garden too and your allotment. Xx 🙂

      • are lovely. I remember them in my granddads garden.. I had some red ones but sadly for some reason after two seasons they just vanished and never came up again..
        There is so much happening in the hedgerows this time of year, sounds beautiful.. And yes.. lots going on in the allotments… Always plenty to do.. 🙂

        • What a lovely memory! Our tree peony, a memorial to our cat unfortunately decided not to thrive. Good luck with your produce and flowers. Dare I say it but we do need rain! 🙂 xxx

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