Hawthorn morning

Hawthorn petals

like a lace wedding veil,

torn in a March gale;

sailing on scented winds

like fairy wings-

bringing spring’s tingling feeling

of happy, lingering, sunny days.

This poem is dedicated to yesterday’s International Poetry Day and a celebration of spring.

I’m really enjoying our walks in the countryside around Cople. Each day I wonder how many more buds are out, what suprises are there under the hedgerows: daisies, celedine, anemonies and tiny violets. Skylarks serenade us along the paths at the edges of fields and red kites circle above. Our prize is watching the brown hares running along the furrows and sunning themselves. Such beauty is to be savoured every moment!


11 thoughts on “Hawthorn morning

    • Hi Sue. I just love the magic under the hedgerows. I’m looking out now for edible weeds in the garden too. I’ve seen many butterflies, the yellow, peacock and brown tip. Have you noticed the bees bumping in to you on their missions? Happy spring to you tpp. Lol. I ‘m looking forward to the clocks going forward! Xxx

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