Serene Snowdrop

Serene Snowdrop,

Small heart translucent face,

Peeping shyly through downy lace.

Awakened by a sour biting  breeze,

Which makes her cower, she

Curls up, sheltering under boughs

Of mighty beech trees.

Suddenly a shower of frosty crystals

Adorn the mysterious, tearful princess,

Crowning her with a spectacular tiara

As the dryad minstrels play their lyres.


17 thoughts on “Serene Snowdrop

  1. Gorgeous shot of one of my favorite flowers. And, as always, your poetry is magical. Our poor snowdrops were buried in a foot of snow until the last few days. I missed them while they were hidden.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thanks Wendy. It’s a shame about your snowdrops covered by a deep blanket of snow. Our snowdrops are now being battered by a gale which is ripping violently across Britain.

      • Sorry about the gale. I hope any falling branches miss hitting your flowers. We had a bunch of branches land near my snowdrops. Most of our snow has melted–I hope it stays away now.

    • Thank you so much. I have to admit that snowdrops are so special. I think they are so magical and can’t resist a poem and crouching low on the ground to see them and photograph them. I get so excited! 🙂 xx

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