Tree festival

Through wild woods,

Parting shimmering drapes,

Greeted by a fanning of tiny hands

Seated next to dryads wrapped in cosy ruby capes.

Swirling dervlas swish folksy skirts,

Weaving dreamily through silver birches.

Crystals wink as the fairy choir sings in the wings,

Waiting for woodland girl to emerge, her gown tinged with whispers

of pearly tears.

Trailing across silvery skies, a carriage pulled by white doves glides…

The audience sighs!

Queen of the forest has arrived!

14 thoughts on “Tree festival

    • Thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if I should post the poem without the photos which inspired the poem. It’s always a difficult choice.

  1. I know I had been following you but I see your blog got dropped. So I refollowed. I LOVE this post and your images are so soft and fairy like. Just beautiful! ❀

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Amy Rose. I wasn’t aware it was dropped. I wonder why? You’ve found me again…welcome. I hope you enjoy my blog. πŸ™‚

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