Reviving rain


Rain revives waning blossom,
A faded, aged May Queen’s trane.
Tuneful, cooling teeny tears
Fall from scented ‘ears’,
Dissolving fears;
Blessing those who choose
To be the poet’s muse
And walk along the enchanted lane.

Yesterday,we waited forever for the torrential rain to ease so that we could



7 thoughts on “Reviving rain

  1. I am here at last LG.. First thank you for your catch ups so lovely to see you in so many places LOL.. 🙂
    The photo is beautiful.. And yes Hubby has gone into the allotments just now, as the wind and rain last evening was very bad here..
    Thankfully even though it was cool and very windy the rain kept off until late afternoon yesterday.. So we went to a local large Farm Park with our granddaughter.. Its on the net.. White Post Farm.. She had a wonderful time feeding goats, Lamas and sheep.. not to mention rabbits,deer, cows, pigs and other reptiles and insects and fish. She so enjoyed, as we did..

    The gardens were in need of a good drink.. Though this cold snap may well not do our sweetcorn any favours.. 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, this photo is the best Spring 2016 photo is saw so far!! The poem fits perfectly (or is it the other way around?) Thanks for sharing, Johanna

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