Swanky Swallows



On Saturday morning I went on an early morning bird song walk around the village and our woodland. It was so wonderful to learn so much about birds’ songs, how to identify birds by their songs and how they communicate to each other, it was fascinating and inspired me to write this poem.
My nature walks will never be the same again! I wish I had a fabulous long lens for my camera but then I couln’t realistically take my dogs on the walks and the dogs and I always walk together. Enjoy and have a lovely day. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Swanky Swallows

  1. I love hearing cuckoo s too. I hear them in our village’s woodland and in the nearby countrypark. Sometimes their call is very loud. Your V of geese flying so low must’ve looked so powerful. What a wonderful sight! 🙂

  2. We do not get to see many swallows around here.. The odd couple of swifts we see in the evening feeding on the wing. I love the early morning dawn chorus which is often started by the Blackbird.. and the Robins have a wonderul tune… The sparrows though constantly squabble lol.. Nothing beatss tuning into their Song.. Thank you for those lovely images and words LG.. xx Enjoyed my walk with you too x

    • Awww thanks Sue. I feel you love birds and their songs as much as I do. They are so amazing with their different calls to mates, warn preditors off or to call ‘keep off my patch’. I wake up often with the dawn chorus, it is so beautiful. I saw a green woodpecker ‘ bouncing’ around after heavy rainfall. Their song is very distinctive too.

      • Oh wow to the woodpecker.. I have seen them in the wild but not that often.. Heard them more.. This year too we heard a cuckcoo twice too.. We had not heard one for several years so pleased they are back. Today while in the allotments a V shaped flock of geese flew over our heads so very low about the height of the roof of our house.. We are on top of a valley here, so their height never wavered.. They were chatting away.. Around 30 of them Wonderful to see so close up.. 🙂

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