Calming Cowslips


Calming cowslips,
A remedy of old:
Sip three spoonfuls of flowers
Steeped in a powerful mead.

Time for a bountiful spring we’re told.
Yellow fairy bells in sparkling ruby finery,
Tinkling on a breezy evening
As golden sunshine winks and leaves.


18 thoughts on “Calming Cowslips

    • I haven’t tried it yet: sweet I would imagine mildly sherbetty? I imagined the taste by gently sniffing the Cowslips. Have you tried buttercup linctus for a sore throat? I’ll try a little infusion with sweet wine and a little honey. Thanks Brenda. πŸ™‚

      • If it doesn’t come off a pharmacy shelf or out of my herb garden, I tend not to try it. But the idea is very cool. I have a friend who’d an ethnobiologist who harvests and makes her own stuff based on family recipes. Very cool beans.

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