Spring splashes


Spring splashes
Between weary evergreens
And lean stretching trees.
A golden brook of
Daffodils lyrically babbles
And violets hide in every nook,
Adorning the woodland floor.
Spring’s door has gently opened,
Surprising us and giving



Yesterday,  even though the sunshine didn’t manage to peep through the clouds, spring’s door had opened with its perfumed breath. Joyously,  we walked through an old Victorian park in Bedford,  chatting and taking in the splashes of emerging colourful buds and flowers. It was a beautiful day. Thank you nature and thank you  friends for putting up with me diving about taking photos. 🙂


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    • Thanks Sue. Sorry for my delayed reply. I enjoyed Easter thank you, especially Friday and Saturday when the birds were singing in the sunshine all day as hubby and I worked hard in our garden. I hope you had a good Easter too. 🙂 xx

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