First Light


At first light,
Floating thoughts sink into
An inky stillness.

Tiny tapping on the windowsill
Greets us and the skies gently brighten.


‘Bee-ilicious’ colours or favourite ice-cream flavours;
Fine feathering  and  watercoloured waves
Awaken dreamy seas and clouds tinged with flames.


12 thoughts on “First Light

  1. Wonderful the patterns of the branches in the misty morning, the bird positioned perfectly.
    Then the branching pattern silhouetted against the warm glowing sky.
    The hush bring deep thoughts of feeling words till the bird taps on the windowsill and the day awakens. The words tying up one neat parcel of joy.
    With bee-ilicious words the ice-cream water coloured sky would have prompted me to over do it and put in a beach scene. _/\_

    • Thanks Wendy. Lovely to hear from you. I agree, I have so much more energy now there’s more light. I always get up early to savour the emerging day. πŸ™‚

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