Majestic Heron


Majestically,  a heron
Poises like an alabaster statuette.
When a ripple in the water
Takes his fancy,
The handsome heron
Dips quickly into the
Silent, sunlit pool.
Flipping his catch
Proudly, he moves from his patch
In a dash,
With a glinting flicker
Of feathers,
Singing in
The wind.


6 thoughts on “Majestic Heron

  1. Your poem captures the heron beautifully. Here, Downunder, the dam is dry and I miss the visiting herons.

    • Thanks Jefna. I love walking by water it inspires me so much. Where I live, I’m close to many rivers, which tend to flood easily. I appreciate your comment, it must be sad not seeing the herons. I’d love more sunshine though! 🙂

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