Frosty moments


Frost temporarily preserves
The landscape in fine sugar dust:
A lustful feast.


Crusted tufts of wind whipped grasses
And rusted busts of proud seedpods,


Languish in a spangled frozen sea.
On rough textured tracks, puddles
Like mystical misted mirrors,
Creak and crack as sunshine
Seeps through apricot pillows
And weeping trees.


The dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed our frosty world of spangled surprises, apricot skies and mystical mirrors which creaked as we walked through our local countryside in rural Bedfordshire. Captured in every breath and every step this temporarily preserved moment was truly magical. Enjoy.


20 thoughts on “Frosty moments

          • Yes here too in the morning spectacular sunrises.. I feel the Sun or lets say the Earth has wobbled a little more than usual for the Sun is lower than its usual position.. creating these wonderful spectacles . Have you noticed the Sun appearing Lower??

            • Good morning Sue. I hope you enjoyed your nature walks over the weekend. 🙂 🙂 xxIt was so mild here and it was so nice to hear the little birds twittering in the hedgerows and swooping about over the fields. There are many fieldfare’s about. I have noticed that the sun appears much lower than usual in the sky. In Scotland it was always much lower but here it is very low. I agree with you about the earth wobbling, it is very disconcerting.

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