Snow fall


Snow falls over
The ridge silently: like
Pure dove down;
Glowing like butter
When slivers of sunlight
Ease through umber trees.


The night became silent on Saturday as snow fell magically for the first time. We woke like excited children to watch snowflakes melting on our cottage bedroom window. Unfortunately the morning warmed up and our dreamland melted, so we decided to walk up our local ‘Greensands ridge’, where we knew snow would still be in the furrows and settled in the copses.

5 thoughts on “Snow fall

  1. Love the snow.. and yes the same here over night on Saturday.. only to gradually melt all day Sunday.. 🙂 Not the end I feel, I am sure we will have more before Spring.. 🙂 Loved your photo and I hope you enjoyed your walk..
    Love to you.. and thank you for your wonderful visit 🙂

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