Remembering my friend


I heard very sad news yesterday about the passing of my friend and colleague,  Moira Christie.  She was aged 77 and had been unwell for sometime. She was a kind, practical and positive person who loved her garden and nature. This photograph reminds me of her.
The last few days have been very strange because my thoughts were of her and all my friends in Edinburgh. Before I go to bed I often look at my Laboradite crystal and on Monday and Tuesday I saw a picture in the crystal of a view of Edinburgh and the Pentland hills, which I have seen so many times from further round the coast in East Lothian. Early evening, my husband heard an owl hooting, then I received the message about Moira’s passing. My thoughts are with her loving family.


Moira Christie – Rest in peace

11 thoughts on “Remembering my friend

    • Thank you Brenda. She was a lovely woman. I will miss her. However, Moira’s funeral brought three friends together after four years. Over the years we shared each others joys and pains, we were very close. It was a very healing experience to meet again, even in such sad circumstances. Xx

    • Thank you Dune. I love Edinburgh too. When I got off the airport link bus at Waverley, it was dark and snowing. The air was sharp…so Edinburgh! I was met by my friend and as we caught up on her joyful news of her first grandson, we drove along the still very uneven roads, past the old shops, new cafés and student land with Arthur’s seat, a comforting shadow and the Snow topped the Pentlands. A sad time but lovely to have a snap shot and catch up with my friends. Xx

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