The Bee and me

The bee and me

This bumblebee landed on my shoulder and didn’t want to leave for quite a while, so I walked and talked and the bee enjoyed the warmth of my sweater. It was quite a privilege! It was a lovely warm autumnal morning and there may not be many more of those.

The bee and me2

The bee and me

Are there still Bees around where you are? Enjoy them today. 🙂

16 thoughts on “The Bee and me

  1. I love that the bee went for a ride on your shoulder. And the joy in your face! Great picture! Bees need a ride this time of year. They are tired from a long summer, I think. XOXO

    • Thanks Brenda. It was an honour to give the bee a ride! My friend noticed the bee was happy to stay and took the photo for me with my phone. I would’ve needed elastic arms to take that one! It was such a warm day and now it’s veru autumnal here, windswept with the lovely smell of burning log fires. I hope you’re shoulder is feeling better. 🙂

  2. Lovely photo’s of you and your Bee.. and it knew your energy would give it a boost 🙂

    We saw one just about 2 weeks ago now it was lethargic and was on our front path.. the size of it about the size of this one.. It was there when we set off to collect our granddaughter from school.. It was still there on our return,
    So my granddaughter and I went to get some honey diluted in some water on the end of a teaspoon.. and we encouraged it onto it.. My Granddaughter was amazed to see its long tongue drink up the nectar.. 🙂 it stayed on a flower we placed it for about another 10 minutes after its long drink and flew off.. We hope we gave it some energy to return home.. 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen any recently. I’m admiring your bravery here. I struggle to stay still if a bee gets too close. I appreciate the marvellous job they do but I’m a coward at the thought of them landing on me. This one looks so content to have found a cosy neuk. 🙂

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