Prolific Pumpkins


Prolific pumpkins

Like giant orange

Bon bons,

Longingly waiting

For the

Halloween harvest.

This year the pumpkins have been prolific, everywhere in the English counties of Lincolnshire and Norfolk are fields of ‘giant orange bom boms’.  Pumpkins make great pie and soup too!  There are many cottages dressed up for Halloween parties and many children and adults getting excited too. What will you be doing on Halloween?  Have fun! 🙂


Autumn, the adornment of the soul

Cardington church autumn

A walk around Cardington 1

The warm morning sun

Adorns my being

As I meander through

Tawny, Scarlet and

Mead coloured trees;

Their leaves patterned

And tattered,

Dancing in the breeze.

Walk through Cardington autumn2

Adornment Autumn

Today’s weather is so beautiful and shows off the colours of autumn perfectly. I could not resist taking these photos on a walk around the nearby village of Cardington,  which is very old, has very pretty cottages, an ancient church and gorgeous trees. I feel very uplifted and the dogs are satisfied and sleeping. I hope you enjoy reading  my post. 🙂

Spinning is chilling

Spinning spectres lace

Spiders spinning,

Tidy,  minute threads.

Fine and shiny,

Filligree chilly limbs

Like lace trimmings

For a spectre’s wedding.

The Bee and me

The bee and me

This bumblebee landed on my shoulder and didn’t want to leave for quite a while, so I walked and talked and the bee enjoyed the warmth of my sweater. It was quite a privilege! It was a lovely warm autumnal morning and there may not be many more of those.

The bee and me2

The bee and me

Are there still Bees around where you are? Enjoy them today. 🙂

Colours of autumn warm our hearts

berries warm our hearts

Autumn’s rosy leaves

Warm our hearts as

We wander along the

Sheltered golden path

Of birch, ash and larch,

Weaving magical tales to

Tell by the glowing hearth.

woodland autumnal path

Happy National Poetry Day!

love poetry

I love to write poetry, however there’s nothing more perfect to do on an autumnal evening than sitting in my fireside chair with a cup of tea or a glass of Damson gin reading from a favourite poet in one of my lovely old poetry books.

Today we’re celebrating everything to do with poetry on National Poetry Day. Enjoy reading a poem today. 🙂  Who are your favourite poets?

Stripping my upcycled armchair

Lavender Moon Girl's Tales from Brown Hare Cottage

chair ready for stripping

It’s the nice to be beyond electrics and heating installation in the cottage. The kitchen’s installed and ‘country’ and cosy. I often sit at the window with my coffee, reading and writing my blog posts while the villagers go about their day, walking, riding bikes, or on horseback passing by. I love being here.

Hubby and I have been having great fun buying furniture to upcycle and make useful and decorative for our cottage. We picked up the above chair for £5.00, a real bargain. It had a wobbly leg and looked quite plain but I could see hubby sitting beside the fire in it, so we bid for it and here it is.

I decided to learn how to do upholstery from a Master upholsterer called Maria who works from her workshop at home and lets total novices like me learn the basics and also has experienced students repairing…

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Magical sky

2015-09-28 17.39.09-1-01

I took this photo on the evening of the eclipse. I can only describe to you the atmosphere was just so magical and the sky was pure poetry!

I woke up at 3.00am gmt and ventured into our garden to watch the blood moon emerge as the eclipse took place. I shared the experience with the Piperstrelle bats which were swooping about. It was amazing. Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera and didn’t want to wake hubby who had an early start for work.:-)