Flower magic solar printing

Solar print of teasel drawing.

Solar print of teasel drawing.

To get a solar print, I drew my lovely seed heads from my garden, onto acetate with permanent black ink. The drawing is then transferred onto a light sensitive plate which is then exposed to UV light and then developed through tap water. It is very experimental as you try different exposures to get different effects. Once the plate has been dried in sunlight then it can be run through the press.

Ghost of stocks solar print

Ghost of stocks solar print

This one is my favourite. Can you find the fairy? This is my Arthur Rackham style ‘ghost’ solar print. The first print was much bolder so I decided to run the plate through the press again and I just love the antique effect.

Both of these prints were done at Susan Erskine- Jones’ s workshop. Thanks to Susan for sharing her skills and experience, Β it was a most enjoyable day.


12 thoughts on “Flower magic solar printing

  1. Wonderful LG I had no idea you could do this.. You are very talented.. and the shape of a fairy I see is on the lower large flower head on the left .. at least I see the wings and head .. Hope you enjoying your weekend πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. This is amazing work. I remember doing etchings at school which I loved. It is nice to see that some of these old techniques are still being used.

    • It’s a great Linda, a fairly non-toxic modern way of doing an etching. It takes a while but considering it was my first attempt, I’m happy with the results. When I get my victorian washing room and store converted into my studio, I’ll have to find a space for the exposure chamber. I love your studio! πŸ™‚

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