Spring wishes

spring wishesSpring flowers,

Winter showers,

Tingling cheeks,

Secretly wishing for

Warm weeks.

Over the last few days when I have been out walking, my cheeks have smarted from the bitter winds, reminding me that we are not far enough away yet from winter days. However, spotting the peeping of little Violets, Narcissi and primrose and the beautiful displays of hyacinths in village gardens, make me feel optimistic and wishing for warm days when one can feel the sun’s gentle energy.

Don’t forget the solar eclipse on Friday 20th March.

13 thoughts on “Spring wishes

  1. Yes those bitter winds were bitingly cold.. What a contrast to the lovely warmth, unusually so for this time of year.. Mind you I am not complaining..
    Love these collection of spring photo’s….
    Your wishes for a warm spring came true!! 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Sue. It’s lovely when wishes come true! There’s something wonderful to photograph every day, I’m so spoilt for choice. I hope we don’t get a cold snap because the Dormouse will have come out from hibernation and think of all those spring flowers…think positive wishes for a warm summer! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. We still have snow on the ground so can’t see what wants to pop up and deliver the color. Waiting…waiting…waiting. 🙂

    • Thank you. It must be very cold but wonderful. We rarely get a really deep snowfall. I experienced five feet of snow in Scotland but we’re too far South now, but then one never knows what the weather will do. Keep cosy. 🙂

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