Nature’s muse

2015-02-23 11.00.48-3_2Lullaby orchard,

Undulating verdant lawn,

sundrenched spring morn,

Thawing thirsty buds,

Bursting with

Honeyed dew:

Nature’s muse.

Sometimes my sat nav takes me up a country lane which appears to be going nowhere. Without this quirky technology I wouldn’t have found this gorgeous little tranquil spot deep in the English countryside. I stopped my car and the dogs and I drank in the honeyed, gentle early spring morning. It was a special moment which reminded me of how inspirational nature is to me. Enjoy your day or evening. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Nature’s muse

  1. Beautiful words and image, your sat nav clearly got you lost for a reason! 😉 looks like a hidden oasis, thanks for sharing it 🙂 xx

      • All dug over,Hubby clearing a big nettle patch behind the shed which got used as a compost heap for several years, the soil now is very rich there because of this.. This is where we are growing our Butter-nut squash this year.. We grew them for the first time last year, but although we got lots, they were not that large.. So the soil and the conditions for them to spread out and do their thing will be ideal there.. 🙂 And we have a few seeds planted in the ground and the green house is already full of seed trays as is my kitchen window sill 🙂 .. All things are ‘GO’ 🙂 xxx Thank you for asking 😀

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