The journey begins

As you know I’ve been busy starting to renovate our Victorian cottage. I apologise for not posting but I have been rushing up and down the motorway to the cottage every day and working until dusk as there are no lights in the cottage yet. I love Tuesdays because as I work away, stripping off old wallpaper, I am serenaded by the bell ringers practising in our local church. Outside is dark and peaceful. I love it, my artistic project to bring back this little house to the Victorian era, with rustic modern and vintage features and make it a happy home again. The quarter of an acre cottage garden will be restored too, to include an orchard and my Art studio.
Hopefully here’s the link you requested. Enjoy my tales and please still read my poetry here because the rambles continue! Many thanks for all your support. 🙂

Lavender Moon Girls tales from Brown Hare Cottage.


17 thoughts on “The journey begins

    • Thanks Raewyn. It will look really cute once we’ve changed the front door and created a cottage garden. Thanks for the advice, it’s so easy to keep working away as it’s so enjoyable, but I do get tired! However there isn’t any lighting in the house so I have to stop my work at dusk. 🙂

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