Queens of winter days

2015-01-18 14.46.43-1_1

A stormy graphite puddle
Eased by teasing sunlight,
Warming treacly tree buds.
Sleeping Sweet Violets;
Weeping Speedwell peeping
From the hedgerow whilst
Snowdrops gaze:
They are of course
The Queens of winter days;
Preening for the fae.

queens of winter


14 thoughts on “Queens of winter days

      • It’s the same here too, the winter has been much colder compared to last year which was just wet! It’s warming up a tad now so hoping to see more bulbs starting to flower soon 🙂 x

        • Since your comment, I’ve noticed the bulbs popping up, primroses and a few snowdrops in my new rambling garden and the most beautiful helebore…I’ll capture when the flowers are properly out. Lovely sunshine today, have a great gardening day. 🙂

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