11 thoughts on “Yellow Bellows

  1. Yes the wonderful Yellow is a welcome site.. and I saw some not long ago on my walk.. 🙂 Lovely little rhyme LG…. sending a big Hug your way.. ❤ xxx

    • Thank you Sue. The yellow makes me feel happy! I’m still looking for the first Snowdrops. Have you seen any on your walks? 🙂 Thanks for your big hug..much appreciated. A great big warm hug to you too. Xxx What a wild night it is here, my candles are flickering and wind chimes sending out lovely gentle breezy tunes.

      • Yes wild here… VERY… as was last night.. we had hail stones and lightening last night around 2am.. ..
        Keep warm LG.. xxx and love the chimes.. Mine are are being blown so hard they no longer sound tuneful as they hit the wall..

        • Oh my goodness! Have you managed to rescue your chimes? One harsh winter mine got so tangled they broke, it was a shame but I didn’t want to take a risk outside in 110 mph winds. I gave my dogs rescue remedy tonight as they were frightened by the roar down the chimney. Keep cosy Sue. Have a good night. 🙂 xOx

          • Yes I got them in this afternoon… they were still ok after last nights blast.. Hope your dogs settle down.. the Rescue Remedy is good, I would give it my Cats On Bonfire night.. .. You too keep cosy too… Love and Hugs… xx Sue

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