Soothed by the great ancient Oak

Soothing great ancient Oak
The Great Oak’s
Soothes the
Tearful sap
Moves along
A wrinkling
Life’s map.
Dryads hearing about
The endearing team,
Draw the lovers
To the healing scene;
Tying them forever,
Settling the great tree.


9 thoughts on “Soothed by the great ancient Oak

  1. Your poetic words do justice to the Mighty Oak.. Those Ancient Ones whose wisdom speaks to hearts that will listen.. And you dear LG are in tune with Nature and her words.. Amazing heart photo and of course we see the Old Ancient Ones Faces within the bark… Many thanks for sharing.. xxx ❤ Sue

  2. I particularly liked this post as it has a picture of a heart in nature to go with it. I took my first original picture of a heart in nature a couple of week’s ago. It was a perfect heart in the clouds, one pink and on fire and another the next day a perfectly shaped white cloud!! Thank you for coming by to visit… I’ll be back.

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