Glistening yield

glistening yield Cople

Sauntering sodden fields,

Watching watery, wintery

Skies shyly shielding

A glistening yield:

border collies sauntering sodden fields

Twinkling beaded seeds,

Wrought, listening reeds

Among apricot tinted

Streams and meads.

twinkling beaded seeds

Around the village of Cople in Bedfordshire, there are many quiet country walks where because the land is fairly flat one can enjoy sauntering, seeing where one ends up just walking the many old footpaths and bridleways. My dogs are always happy splashing in puddles whilst I breathe in nature’s yield, watching a brown Hare or listening to nature’s harpsicord, the stream. Nothing was more magical than wandering along the track as the sun gradually sunk, gone for another wonderfully rich day.


24 thoughts on “Glistening yield

  1. I had not realised I had missed so many of your posts leading up to Christmas LG… Love this post Your poem weaved its own delight as the Sun reflected off the puddles.. And today the Sun is shinning bright here.. The snow now all gone.. 🙂

    • Thank you Sue. I apologise for missing your comment! We are all so busy at this time of year. I expect you’ve been having lots of fun over tge festive period with your granddaughter. 🙂 xx

      • Yes Christmas has been busy.. and no worries what so ever about getting back to comments.. I know How I have missed people by mistake. I often over look them.. I try now to answer in the Notifications rather than my comments pages.. As when I click to the next page in comments.. it can often miss out a few if I am not careful…

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