Rainbow dew

rainbow dewShivering,

Inkblot sky,

Drenching its thirst

With a candle glow like burst:

A shimmering birth,

Arcing the universe

As rainbow dew

Soaks the earth,

Infusing hope



It is always a special moment watching a rainbow appearing on the horizon, then fading into a calming sky followed by a sunburst. Even though I was drenched, I felt rejuvenated by its luminosity and beauty.


17 thoughts on “Rainbow dew

  1. Love that amazing rainbow shot LG.. it looked amazing in my reader… So enjoyed your poetry that went with it..
    Drenching its thirst-With a candle glow like burst. Great words.. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue. I often wonder how the photos look in the readers, I’m glad it came out well as the rainbow was quite far away. Thanks for your encouraging comment re my words too. Xx

      • I always wondered how my posts would look too, until one day I accidental clicked my own follow button LOL.. I eft it and clicked into the reader the next time I posted and there it was, 🙂

  2. A beautiful capture Here LG.. I can only imagine how rejuvenated you felt after witnessing such beauty.. 🙂 Wishing you a rejuvenated week… Hugs ❤ Sue

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