Fly away with me over the stark moon

Fae folk play on silver spoons

Fly away with me

Over the stark moon,

Far beyond the

Darkening trees

Where wee fae lark

Playing tunes on

Silver spoons:

Whilst three cloaked

Folk cast runes.

amber eyes stray2014-10-30 11.44.54-1_2

“Don’t stray

Where amber eyes



There in the shadows

Crones moan and cackle

And bones rattle

Below in the gallows.

mermaids shake

In the shallows.

2014-10-30 11.36.16-1_1

Weird sallow worms

Wake as the cauldron


Feared fakes



Spit and bake.


16 thoughts on “Fly away with me over the stark moon

  1. Love your shroom photos. There are so many interesting varieties of fungi.

      • Miss my Dad for Mushroom gathering.. He would gather fields mushrooms and know where to find Blue Stalks too.. 🙂 He could identify what to eat and what not to eat… Nothing like a big juicy field mushroom in the frying pan 🙂

        • that’s a lovely memory to have Sue. Thanks for sharing it with me. I do feel it’s tricky these days to have the confidence to pick mushrooms to eat, but as you say they taste so wonderful. My first experience of a fungus foray was in the beautiful ancient forest of Savernake in Wiltshire with Patrick Harding, he was so amazing and passionate about the fungi that he inspired me to paint them and seek these magical fruits of the forest, nose to the ground…what fun. He would toss quite a few different varieties into the pan and I went home with enough fungi to produce a wild mushroom lasagna which was really delicious! xxx

    • Thank you. I love fungi and it was lurking under the birch just waiting to be shot as inspiration for my poem. I’m probably one of the three too! 🙂

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