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What is your favourite time of day?
I love to walk through the meadow on a bright early morning because I feel it is such a special and magical time to experience nature. The delicate intoxication of wild honeysuckle rambling through a hedgerow, a skylark diving or the delicate autumnal jewels dangling on hogweed cobwebs enrich my world.
Sunsets are special too. As the rippling silken sky succumbs to darkness my musings begin.


How do you spend a rainy day?
Rainy days still have their fascination. Out come the wellies and waterproofs and off we go to watch the inky clouds rumble, clash and spit spreading like the inkblot I love to analyse and use as a prompt to a poem or a character in a story. Later after hot tea and toast I seek solace in an old secondhand paperback.
When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pen or pencil?
I like to use a good roller ball pen or drawing pen because the writing flows effortlessly.
Bonus question. What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I am eternally grateful for my dog walker who has walked my dogs when my back was very sore. This week I am looking forward to feeling better and enjoying this extraordinary mild sunny autumn.”


17 thoughts on “Share your world: musings

  1. My rainy day today has been spent here in the reader, catching up with many of your missed posts.. And what a fulfilling afternoon it has been 🙂

    • That’s lovely of you to say so Sue. I’m glad you’ve been keeping cosy enjoying reading.I’m about to catch up with yours now, as the dogs have been fed and soup ready. I’ll bake tomorrow. 🙂 🙂

      • That is what I am enjoying about Winter, and being at home each day.. Home baking is so comforting.. though we are putting on the pounds if we don’t get out for our walks, Lol.. Enjoy your baking day LG xx

        • I love to walk in the morning after my work and coffee, then later I feel the need to bake. I’m going for Lemon Drizzle today. The walking does need to reflect how much cake one eats! Yesterday afternoon we walked for miles as the sun went down, it was a beautiful day, I’ll be sharing them soon. I hope you have a lovely weekend Sue. -:)

          • Love Lemon Drizzle cake and had a spate of making it several weekends on the trot… But I baked a Banana and walnut cake yesterday.. It should have been Pecan nuts but I only had walnuts 🙂 A Mary Berry Recipe.. 🙂 with Honey icing.. 🙂 I think I need to take that long walk this weekend LOL 😀 xxxx Hugs to you and Thank you.. You too enjoy your weekend

            • So many delicious versions of Lemon drizzle. My mum used to make it as a tray bake with a particularly lemony, fudgy topping. Love the sound of your version of the MB cake with Bananas and Walnuts. How did you do the honey icing? I bought Borage Bedfordshire Honey last weekend from a local beekeeper, I’d love to use it in a cake, it sounds so scrumptious! I hope you enjoyed a walk last weekend. Hugs and love to you too

              • Hi LG sorry only just getting back to your comment, I have had a rest from my PC for a while.. And as to your question about the Honey Icing..

                Its One ounce of icing sugar to one teaspoon of runny honey.. if its too think just add a quarter of a teaspoon of water to thin down so you can drizzle in lines over the loaf shaped cake.. an then stick whole walnuts down the middle of the cake.. It was Yummy! 🙂 And yes we did enjoy our walk.. the sun came out in the morning and it clouded over when we got home so we timed it right 🙂

                Wishing you a weekend of relaxation and full of natures delights 🙂 xxx

                • Resting away from the PC is always a good idea Sue, I totally understand as sometimes I get a Migraine or just while away too much time, it’s tricky getting the balance sometimes. Thank you for that delicious recipe, I will enjoy using my new Borage honey in it. I can’t wait to enjoy nature’s elixir today as we have the first heavy frost. Enjoy your weekend, I hope it brings you lots of delights too. 🙂 xxx

  2. i love to walk in the early morning, return home refreshed and ready to work. I’m grateful my kids were all healthy for Halloween for the first time in three years! And I look forward to working more on my book. 🙂 I hope your back is not sore anymore. 🙂

    • Thanks Brenda, my sore back is improving thankfully. I’m glad you all had fun at Halloween. We all had a few years of being ill at Christmas, then all of a sudden we had a sniffle free one great! Good luck with your book. Mine is coming on very slowly as there’s so much to do. 🙂

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