26 thoughts on “Ravishing Lavender

  1. Arrr such a shame you last post comment section is closed LG. Loved these lines
    ” Like antique millinery and worn Linen upholstered chairs.”.. Love the way your thoughts turn as Summer gave way to Autumn 🙂 🙂 ❤

      • I will go and check out my dashboard and get back with instructions.. You could have it set to automatically close after several days.. But will get as to which section you need to go to.. As even I have forgotten until I browse around my dashboard and settings 🙂

          • Well LG I only taught myself.. I just click and see where it leads. I often get lost again though lol. And had to do a bit of clicking to find the right setting again myself.. LOL… All good though… Enjoy your weekend.. And I all settled in today with the PC for a while then will get my knitting out..
            Big Hugs to you and take care of that back.. XXX ❤

            • It all takes time and patience and I think I may need to update ‘safari’. Thanks Sue for mentioning my back because I’ve really been paying attention to my body through yoga and meditating more. I’ve realised how important it is to make time, to keep the balance. I’m going to take a look at your Crystal section to see if I can find a good one to compliment reiki for my back pain. I hope you have a great knitting afternoon. Are you making something for your granddaughter? Appreciate the hugs too. Lolxx

              • No not this time.. I am knitting a shawl for my daughter who has requested the knit for her partners daughter who is expecting in spring.. Which will make my daughter a Step Gran even though she isnt a Mum lol.. They are all so happy about the event in Spring.. as her step daughter is an only child.. I am 3 quarters way through then I have the edging to knit. I hope to show you what I have been upto in a post when its completed.. 🙂 xxx ❤
                I hope you find something suitable.. Lapis Lazuli is good to relieve pain Carnelian if you have tension or injured your back.. I am wearing some Lapis today as mine is aching.. xxx Sending Healing thoughts xx

                • I’ll look forward to seeing your wonderful shawl, I expect everyone will love it and how exciting for your daughter becoming a Stepgran in March. A spring baby, such a very special addition to all the family. There must be so much to do. Take care of your back too Sue and thank for the suggestion of Lapis Lazuli I love it and Carnelian will help too. Hugs xox

      • Ok LG.. I found what I was looking for.. Go to your Dashboard.. then click onto Settings… scroll down these and find Discussion Settings click onto this… This opens up a page.. In there you will see on the second header ‘Other Comment Settings’ you need to un-check the box which says
        Automatically close comments on articles older than ( ) then there is a box you can choose to close comments after a certain amount of days etc.. I have mine unchecked so people can comment on posts way back in years if needed.. Hope this helps 🙂

    • I am enjoying my walks Sue. We were in North Norfolk last week watching the sun going down and the pink footed geese migrating, it was very beautiful. Are you still enjoying autumn? Xxx

      • Yes very much so… We planted fruit trees apple and Pear in the allotments this week.. And although I have not got out to walk as much as I’d like as we’ve been busy with home improvement projects. Autumn is a special time of the year.. 🙂

        • Gosh! Improving the home at autumn seems sensible. I’ve cleaned my cupboards and made everything more reachable. You’ll have a wonderful harvest next year with your new apples and pears, how lovely. 🙂

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