Autumnal dream

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Autumnal dream:
Salted toffee breeze
Weaves and leans
Over a sea of
Puff candy
Popping their seams.
Recently I had a whole day to totally immerse myself in my favourite art of painterly printmaking. Here are two drypoint etching and monoprints,designed and hand pulled myself in the delightful studio of Susan Erskine-Jones nestling in a Chiltern hills village. It was a beautiful day where many stories were shared as we made our plates, pulled prints and sipped fresh coffee!

23 thoughts on “Autumnal dream

  1. Fabulous artwork LG.. wonderful to see.. made all the brighter with your poetry… which went so well.. Puff Candy and Poppies Popping their seams.. well said.. x

    • Thanks Sue. How are things with you? I am managing to do a little artwork but like today I chose to make Parsnip soup instead of working on my pastel drawing of a fox. Lol

        • I must try Jamie’s Leek and Potato soup, I love his Butternut Squash Chowder! Thanks Sue, I’ll enjoy browsing through his recipe books again on one of these cold dark nights. I absolutely love your pastel drawings and your fox looks so full of energy and beautiful colours,thank you. XX

    • Thank you. I find it’s so tricky to capture butterflies as they sense you and move off, however I spotted this one, loved the composition and hoped the photograph would come out. šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely words and artwork. It’s been so long since I pulled a monoprint. I got to enjoy your prints and reminisce at the same time.:)

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