Cees fun foto challenge:contrasting colours-hedgerow berries

I almost fell into the hedge when taking this shot, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. Beautiful glossy red berries, probably deadly to birds because they are always left dangling, withering away eventually, quite sad really. However they make a photographer’s day! Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Cees fun foto challenge:contrasting colours-hedgerow berries

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    • Thank you Karen. Welcome. I also hope to include printmaking, drawings and paintings at some point! Your work is so delicate and natural. Thanks for following my blog too. πŸ™‚

  3. I am glad is was an ‘Almost’ falling into the hedge… But I am pleased you took the risk.. What an excellent photo with brilliant colours.. Love that Autumn shading of that leaf too.. Great eye you have..
    Hope all is well, and you had a wonderful weekend.. Enjoy your New week LG.. xxx Sue

    • Thanks Sue. I really enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend. Although I now have a dreadful cold! I do have to be careful as brambles and tangled branches ping about so I have to watch my eyes and fingers! Did you have a good weekend and are you getting into the rhythm of your retirement? Xxx

      • Yes I had a lovely relaxing one, and yet got lots done also.. Jam making with some of the blackberries We got from the allotments.. And gardening, baking.. painting.. So yes you could say I am enjoying Retirement LG.. haha… never been busier.. lol.. xxx

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