Midnight glazed pearls

midnight glazed pearls
Unfurling mysteries
From midnight glazed pearls:
The fae girls’ glistening
Whirling eyes.

Autumn is such a magical time anyway, however this autumn feels really special with its abundant gifts of beautiful fruits, bursting with healing energy. In every hedgerow and dangling from many trees are so many fruits, berries and nuts; we’re spoilt for choice. My husband made many jars of Damson jam to see us through the winter and spring.

17 thoughts on “Midnight glazed pearls

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post Brenda. Damson jam is deliciously dark and jammy with just the right magical tartness to compliment toasted rustic bread, or even untoasted really fresh bread. I hope you’ll get a chance to try it. If I lived closer to you I’d give you some to try. 🙂

          • We have a place on Cape Cod that makes all kind of delicious jams. One of my favorites is blueberry-peach. 🙂 Maybe we can trade bottles next year. Cheers, Brenda

            • Wow! Your Cape Cod jam sounds delicious. Can you describe the flavours Brenda? I have a few sweet fresh white flesh peaches from a friend’s tree, they are the best tasting fruit ever and so juicy. A jam swap sounds awesome! 🙂 x

              • I ran out of jam, and I bought a new one this summer. Only one unfortunately! Next summer, I can plan ahead and get more. The color is a blue-black, with round wild blueberries intermixed with the crushed peaches The blueberry is sweet and earthy and the peach is tart. It’s a good balance. 🙂

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