Essence of Presence

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Essence of presence

Preserved momentarily.

Precious and precarious,

Language of otherworldlyness.

How cathartic torrential rain can be. Even though I got soaked I felt closer to nature. All my senses became enhanced. It was a wonderful experience. Enjoy.:-)


10 thoughts on “Essence of Presence

  1. A rain necklace!!! How gorgeous! And I sure hope you protected your camera. I’ve gotten soaked many a time but my camera stayed dry! LOL You can obviously see who rates!!! Awesome photography!! Love, Amy

      • I bought some rain sleeves for my camera just for when I go to Niagara Falls. There is always a heavy mist on the Canadian side and knowing I will be working for several hours there, at least once, I am not about to put my camera in jeapardy. Water will ruin a camera. I’m not taking chances. I am glad to hear yours is still taking pics. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Easily I could spend hours there. I am going to have to play this by ear because I must be home at certain hours in order to feed my cats and give meds. Good thing I do my work fast. (smile) (((HUGS)) Amy

            • I usually take my dogs which is why I’ll get an unusual angle on a shot or a totally different shot from the intended as I get nudged by one of my dogs! I always think I’ll leave them behind sometimes but really they are my inspiration! πŸ™‚ xx

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