Faded flame

Faded flame
Darts like a
Ragged mane.

11 thoughts on “Faded flame

    • Thanks for asking Sue. June has always been a time for great change for me but this year so much has happened. My son’s wedding was fantastic ( still working on photos),we moved house again; my mum has been unwell and a close friend has suddenly,very sadly passed away. My emotions are ‘all over the place’. xxx

      • Awww sorry to hear that LavenderGirl, I hope your Mum soon feels better and that you too will regain your balance and energy.. Moving home is stressful on its own, never mind all the additions you have had to cope with.. Sending you a warm Hug this warm July day xox Love Sue xxxx

        • Thank you Sue. Practising Yoga and my daily nature walks with the dogs are helping to restore my balance and energy but sometimes it’s hard…Are you okay Sue? Lolxxx

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