Foxglove Finials

Foxglove Finials


Foxglove finials,
Turrets towering
Over Cowparsley
Campion lamps
Shine over
Fae folk feet.

Foxgloves are also called ‘Fairy petticoats’ and ‘Fairy thimbles’. There are three symbolic meanings of this beautiful wild flower: insincerity, youth and a wish. I see them everywhere on my walks decorating the borders along fields. Often as I get closer, a baby rabbit peeps its head out and leaps about amongst the grasses and flowers.


9 thoughts on “Foxglove Finials

  1. I love Foxgloves and love how you have coloured the top photo too… Nature is shining even though the Grey clouds here are still raining.. Have a great week LavenderGirl xox

    • Thanks Sue. I love to evoke atmosphere with a little extra colour. What dreary weather we’ve had, let’s hope the sun will shine for us, I’m feeling confident that it will by hanging out my washing! Have a lovely weekend when it comes Sue. 🙂 xx

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