Cowparsley dream

Cowparsley dream

Cavorting capriciously
In a Cowparsley cloud,
Voraciously darting
About; proudly
Singing aloud.
Shrouded in baby bunny-
Fine fluff,
Dreaming of silken
Preening on
Milky filigree

When walking in the countryside around the beautiful sleepy hamlet of Bygrave with my friend and our three dogs, we took a footpath through a copse which was filled with Cowparsley. We trailed through a cloud of fluffy tufts, a dreamy, magical maze.

8 thoughts on “Cowparsley dream

  1. Beautiful and lacy Dream… your words do the magical Filigree justice LavenderGirl.. Thank you…. Seems we were both Wood Nymphs recently πŸ™‚ Big Hugs to you Sue x

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