Fanciful Fritillary

 Fanciful Fritillary

Fanciful Fritillary
Smiles through bonnet,
Seated playing her Lyre,
Sweetly lilting a sonnet.
Swaying in glittering rays,
Fairy messengers
Sing songs of praise.
Tingling, mingling,
The hazy day’s
Healing ways:
Fairies linger
Stroking Fritillaries


31 thoughts on “Fanciful Fritillary

  1. Beautiful! Snakehead fritillaries are my favourite ones 🙂 Lovely photo and poem x

      • I certainly am… 🙂 The celebrations are far from over as we are having a family gathering on Saturday at a local restaurant for a family night out meal…. As this was the only day all could get together… Great 🙂 when it drags out 🙂 hahaha…. It brings a whole new meaning the phrase ” The Swinging 60’s” LOL 😀 xxxx

  2. Reblogged this on Friendly Fairy Tales and commented:
    I heard fairy music in this poem. I hope you like it! Lavender Moon Girl uses magic in her words. And that flower! Gorgeous! I’ve never seen one like it. Happy Spring! Brenda

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