Quay and tea

Quay and tea

Salty fishing huts,
Fraying, swaying
Tangled rope.
Old fangled
Jam & crabs,
Salmon & dabs;
Foggy tea,
Weed curdling

10 thoughts on “Quay and tea

  1. If you are there, lucky you. We were there 2 weeks ago and loved it. tea and cakes in the Parish Lantern; fish and chips in the Harbour Inn, washed down with Adnams best. I will not be painting next week as we will be experiencing April in Paris.


    • It was only a day trip, but was wonderful as usual. You obviously know all the good places to go! I hope you have a great time in Paris and find lots of exciting views to paint.

  2. Great photographs. Do you live in Southwold? If you live nearby, we might be neighbours!

    • Hi Rachael. Unfortunately we only get to enjoy Southwold when we feel like a day trip. In fact I love Suffolk. Lucky you for living there! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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