Whimsically wandering

Whimsically wandering Along the Colne, Not far from home, Whimsically wandering, Pondering: Longing for the Kingfisher to Sing, Wishing for Deer To appear. daisies Gently treading: Daisies for A fairy wedding And nettle flowers Pretty nettle petals. Settling by the Weeping Willow, weeping willow Velvet Violets By my pillow. Humbled by Bumblebees; Entranced by Trees. So much to See.


14 thoughts on “Whimsically wandering

  1. I loved this series of photos, thanks for letting us come on this wander with you 🙂 the duck is a cutie! x

  2. Thank you for taking me along your journey with you 🙂 The Bumble Bees I have seen have been Huge so far this Spring… 🙂 xxxx Enjoy your weekend walks xox

    • I’m glad you enjoyed your journey Sue. I find I have to be careful not to tread on the bees. I was stung by a queen wasp a couple of days ago, in the house. There a lot about, which is good. I hope you’re having a good weekend too! It’s back to raincoat and wellies today! Xxx 🙂 lol

      • Yes the spring didnt last long before the smog and rain.. Sorry to hear you got stung, not nice.. Wasps can be nasty if you get stung… I remember being stung on the back of the neck once.. Big Ouch! …. and as I went to reach up the sting got stuck in my skin… Workmates at the time had to get out with tweezers .. Vinegar helped if I remember rightly .. I had a fabulous Saturday Sunday was working… as I am tonight.. But Life is good Very Good 🙂
        Hope you don’t get too wet when walking your lovely Dogs Lavendergirl… Love and Hugs oxox

        • Oh my goodness Sue, that sting must’ve been unbearable in such a tender place. I didn’t have any vinegar, however anti-histamines helped enourmously.I’m so happy for you that life is so good, you are being very creative, such good work! There are positive things happening for me now despite an earlier setback. The eclipses later in the month will be interesting… much love xx:-)

          • Yes the Eclipse will be VERY interesting 🙂 And I am so pleased that your setbacks are now clearing also..
            I may be quiet for the rest of this week as I have a heavy work load .. But hope to be back being creative next week 🙂 Much love back xox

            • I feel the energies changing. I hope you are having a good, busy week Sue. Thanks for being here and look forward to seeing your creative work next week. Hugsxx:-)

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