Cobweb Cottage

Cobweb Cottage


Whispering welcoming echoes,

Purple smoke sweeps

Like spectres across

The threshold.

Firelight flickers,

Glowing chintzy cobwebs

Weeping waves

around window panes.

Twisted hazel,

Musty myrtle,

Wise woman’s cozy coven.

Over the last few nights, I have watched the moon grow full. I have been walking in it’s magical light and spooky shadows listening to nature’s snuffles and hoots. Tonight it is full,so I thought this little poem rather appropriate.


15 thoughts on “Cobweb Cottage

  1. Hi. I like the photo and your poem. The poem gives a real feeling of coziness in the midst of this dreadful weather. Not sure about the use of the word ‘coven’, which has a note of witchcraft about it, and does not chime with ‘cozy’. Hope you don’t mind this tiny crit. In all other respects I love it. John.

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