vintage droplets

Droplets of light, majestically falling at the entrance to the V&A Museum in London.  I was wondering when I was going to use this photo and Sonel’s challenge ‘droplets’ proved the ideal opportunity.  The first one is my original, cropped in Snapseed and the second has a vintage tint and border to complement the period of the building.  I can easily spend a whole day at the V&A, taking photographs, drawing and eating!  Enjoy

10 thoughts on “Droplets

  1. I love the V&A museum, your photo captures it at its most breathtaking 🙂 did you know the original stained glass from Ashridge’s chapel is on display there? x

    • Hi Becky. Thanks for your comment. No I didn’t know that the stained glass window from Ashridge’s chapel was there. I’d love to see it, thank you for letting me know. -:) I hope you’re enjoying the milder, sunnier weather!

      • You’re welcome! I didn’t realise either until I started working at Ashridge, it’s those snippets of history I love learning about 😀 I am enjoying the drier weather, it’s a pleasant change from the rain! x

  2. I remember the amazing glass works hanging from the ceiling in the entrance to the V&A. I haven’t been there for a long time, but perhaps I should. Never thought of taking photos there. Again, you have given me new ideas for painting. John.

    • Thanks for your comment John. I’m glad I’ve inspired you with my post. It is so easy to get lost there and enjoy a whole day out. I thoroughly recommend the V&A and the tea rooms. The William Morris tea room is amazin. -:)g

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