Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge: Vintage

vintage shawl detailInspired by Sonel’s Corner photo-editing challenge ,vintage’, I chose to photograph a beautiful vintage,silk gypsy shawl given to me by my mother many years’ ago. We share a love of antiques and vintage items,anything unusual. I love old powder compacts and jewellery.

The cropped photos were edited with Snapseed.

Top left photo was edited with a grunge filter.  I liked the different texture of the fabric looking almost like denim. The second is the original.

Bottom left photo is the original and next to it I edited with a vintage style layer.

vintage shawlThe above photo of my coveted vintage shawl was edited with the Picsart app.  I used a vintage border to enhance the feeling of age.  I like to wonder who used to own this shawl.   Maybe I’ll build a story around it.  Maybe you could too…I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Victoria’s dictionary of flowers suggests that orange roses represent ‘fascination’. Do you feel that the shawl’s designer meant people to be fascinated by whoever is wearing the shawl?
from Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s beautiful novel, The Language of Flowers.

7 thoughts on “Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge: Vintage

    • Thank you Raewyn, I’m not very good at embroidery and know little about the history but love the colours, textures and designs. The silk threads are rich and silky; the shawl is a beautiful heavy silk. I just love it!:-)

  1. What a gorgeous shawl and you are so lucky to have such a beauty in your possession Jan. Stunning shots and edits. Made me think of all the romantic novels I used to read about the gypsies. Thanks for taking part and for sharing. Much appreciated. 😀

    • My pleasure Sonel. I really enjoy having a challenge to get me feeling creative. It is also great hearing from other bloggers and yourself too. Many thanks again! 🙂

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