Serene Snowdrops

Serene Snowdrops

Serene Snowdrops,




Gallantly graceful,

Forever hopeful.


‘consolation and hope’

from Victoria’s dictionary of flowers

‘The Language of Flowers’


Vanessa Diffenbaugh

On a lovely peaceful walk around the village of Kimpton, Hertfordshire, we came across these serene Snowdrops,delicately grouped around the old trees,lighting up the winter’s day.  I’m reading the above amazing book at the moment and found Victoria’s meaning very appropriate.  I hope you enjoy my post.


10 thoughts on “Serene Snowdrops

  1. Lovely. A couple of weeks ago I was walking down a rather muddy track to the river, and there in the ditch were these pure white flowers. As are the buds just forming on some trees, they are emblems of another new beginning.

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