Wet wanderings

kimpton cottages

As rain ran in rivers,

Drips glistened from

tree branches like


Steam puffed from


a dragon sleeping


Cats curled up

on plump sofas,

Chinks through chintz,

Wood smoke weaving

Winter whispers.

Cobweb cottage

Higgledy piggledy;

Whiskers wiggling

Titmouse twitching,

A lonely weathered seat,

Perfect for siesta,

Awaits  a

Change in the weather

Every day has been a wet grey day this week;the fields have been soggy and even the dogs have been fed up of getting muddy! For a change I decided to visit a friend and go for a  walk round the quiet old village of Kimpton in Hertfordshire; my photos inspired me to write this poem as did my feelings about that damp,dark day, its smells,sounds and the ghostly cottages by the churchyard on the green.

It’s my birthday today, so how better than to share my village ramble with you!  I also enjoyed coffee and cake this morning and my tranquil yoga class and the day is not yet over!

16 thoughts on “Wet wanderings

  1. Happy birthday! ♡ I would have loved to have gone on the walk with you in such a lovely and charming neighborhood. Your poem could have been written for our part of the world too.

    Blessings from a rain and fog saturated island in Canada ~ Wendy

    • Thank you Wendy. It was a lovely birthday even in the drizzle! It’s amazing how nature’s beauty is there whatever the weather! I am going out to buy new wellies as mine now leak. Have a great day. Blessingsx

    • Thank you John. It was a sociable birthday and I love opening my cards, they are often useful for reference. I feel it is so important to get fresh air and exercise even if it is cold and wet! 🙂

    • Thank you Jackie. It’s the little surprises that made my birthday really special, for example a friend gave me a very sweet, delicate, beautifully presented posy of fresh Snowdrops.:-)

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