This photograph was inspired by Ese’s photo prompt ‘waiting’.  I like the way the birds look as if they are queuing and waiting for something to happen.  My Border Collie is waiting in anticipation too.  Even in St.Albans we have had flooding as you can see in the photo. I hope you enjoy the peaceful setting.


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  1. I know so well that Border Collie Look, My Bess used to do the same, making an art of waiting , patiently, (or so she thought) Love the whole waiting aspect to the photo. x

      • Never a day goes by without a memory of her, she was a bossy but thoroughly lovable soul, (she always knew best!! 😉 ) but oh my, she filled my days, and I still miss her company. When she passed on I found I couldn’t look at photo’s without blaring my eyes out, so I removed most from my blog site. I think it may be about time I put some back,. Many thanks for sharing xx

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