Furry Friday

Furry Friday

Over the festive period, in between periods of very heavy rain, we tried to find places to walk which weren’t flooded or too boggy to pass even in the wellies! One day I had a craving to go to the coast so we went to Southwold in Suffolk, a jolly traditional seaside town. We had great fun playing with the dogs on the beach followed by freshly brewed coffee at the harbour and a purchase of fish, fresh from the boats. Another day we walked along the canal-side at Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire where I came across a cat on a ‘hot tin roof’ of a narrow-boat, enjoying the warmth from the rare moment of sunshine. The third photo of the beautiful lone horse who enjoyed some attention, was taken near a walk along a disused railway at Ayot green, a tiny picturesque village in Hertfordshire. I hope you enjoy looking at my furry friends!


3 thoughts on “Furry Friday

  1. Glad you have managed to find some respite from the floods, Looking good there on the beach… The Coffee and fish sounded great.. And you looked nice and wrapped up warm… Wishing you a brighter New Year and hopefully less rain…. Hugs Sue xx

      • Very Wet and windy, we only got a fence panel down in the wind at home.. The allotment is fine all be it soggy, but we still have sprouts, cabbage, Leeks, parsnips and Turnips we are getting out.. And have our potatoes in storage we are using.. So thank you all good! .. Its been terrible for some in the constant floods I have been sending out thoughts.. x

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